Hypericum perforatum L.
Local Name:
Peli Buti,Taku Jari.
Habit & Habitat:
A perennial herb, upto10-100cm tall, found in sub-tropical, temperate and sub-alpine zones.
Plant Description:
Leaves simple,sessile,ovate to elliptic-oblong, entire, having small oil glands which appear as holes when placed in front of sun, that is why name of this plant is Perforatum,means having holes. Inflorescence subcorymbose or broadly pyramidal cyme with monochasial branches, many flowered. Flower actinomorphic, showy, yellow. Sepals lanceolateto oblong or elliptic. Petals lanceolate with marginal black dots. Anthers on rubbing give red colour. Fruit a capsule, ovoid to pyramidal.
Flowering and Fruiting:
Harvesting Time:
Medicinal Value:
It has antidepressant, antiviral, astringent and sedative properties. A valuable tonic for reducing inflammation, pain of scrapes, bruises, strains, burns and other trauma.It calmes nerves and treats depression.[5][9]Locally it is used as tea for mental relaxation.Working at Boys Degree College Abbaspur Poonch AJK.,a value added product of Hypericum perforatum, A Herbal Restoring Tea, A Nerve Tonic” for mild depression has been prepared, packed and marketed on small scale. It was much liked by the people as mood tea that relaxed mental tension and used in insomnia for deep sleep.
Part Used:
Whole plant.
Future Perspective:
Conservation, Cultivation, Drying, Packing, Herbal Pharmacy, Oil Extraction.