Bhankhor, Bhankhori.

Aesculus indica (Wall.ex Cambess.) Hook.
Pava indica Wall. Ex Cambess.
Plant Family:
Habit & Habitat:
A deciduous tree up to 20-30 m tall, found in temperate zone, not very common.
Plant Description:
Leaves compound, opposite, palmate. Leaflets, 5-7, elliptic to oblong -lanceolate, acuminate. Inflorescence a panicle, erect, 15-30 cm long. Flower unisexual, zygomorphic,white, tinged yellow. Fruit a capsule, ovoid, leathery. Seed 25-35 mm broad, dark brown, glossy.
Flowering and Fruiting:
Harvesting Time:
Medicinal Value:
It strengthens vein walls, as an astringent treats hemorrhoids also used to treat prostatic enlargement. [5] Locally seed paste is used in rheumatic pain.
Part Used:
Bark, Seed.
Future Perspective:
Conservation, Cultivation, Chemical Analysis, Herbal Pharmacy, Allopathic Pharmacy.
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