Bhangra Siah.

Eclipta prostrata L.
Eclipta alba (L.) Hasskarl
Plant Family:
Habit & Habitat:
An annual small branched herb, common as a weed in damp places along cannels in sub-tropical area.
Plant Description:
Leaf simple, oblong-lanceolate, opposite, short stalked, with less coarse hair, slightly toothed, long. Inflorescence composed of terminal and axillary capitula. Involucre globose to bell-shaped. Flower white, with ray and disc florets. Fruit an achene with ribbed margins.
Flowering and Fruiting:
Harvesting Time:
Medicinal Value:
Locally fresh juice of leaf is used for promoting growth of hair and to control premature greying of hair.Infusion of whole plant is useful in liver and spleen disorders.
Part Used:
Whole plant.
Future Perspective:
Cultivation, Collection, Drying, Packing, Herbal Pharmacy, Allopathic Pharmacy.
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