Khati buti.

Oxalis corniculata L.
Plant Family:
Habit & Habitat:
It is a shade loving, very common perennial herb found everywhere in Poonch area.
Plant Description:
Stem creeping, hairy, rooting at nodes. Leaves compound, trifoliate. Leaflets, obcordate, 4-15mm long, 8-30mm broad, hairy. Inflorescence axillary umbels, 2-5 flowered or solitary. Flower actinomorphic, yellow. Sepals linear, lanceolate, pilose. Petals-5. Fruit a capsule, subcylindrical, hairy. Seed 1.5 mm long, brown, ribbed transversely.
Flowering and Fruiting:
Harvesting Time:
Medicinal Value:
Useful in fever, scurvy, stomach disorders, jaundice, excessive thirst, skin disorders, warts, corns, eye disorders and insomnia.[3][4] It has cooling, acrid, bitter and astringent properties and acts as an appetizer. [5]Locally few drops of leaf juice are used to prevent opacity of cornea and cataract. A tea spoon of leaf juice with butter milk twice a day is a remedy of jaundice in local area.
Part Used:
Whole plant.
Future Perspective:
Collection, Drying, , Herbal Pharmacy.
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