Equisetum arvense L.
Local Name:
Toorat Gass, Danda buti.
Habit & Habitat:
A small creeping rhizomatous, non flowering plant up to 1m tall, found in sub-tropical and temperate zones.
Taxonomic Features:
Stem erect to prostrate,jointed, ribbed,furrowed, angled, fertile and succulent, having nodes and internodes.Branches whorledand radiating. Stem capped with an arrowhead-shaped strobilus at top.Strobilus 3-4cm long, produces spores.
Flowering and Fruiting:
Harvesting Time:
Medicinal Value:
Tea of this plant is diuretic and clears urinary tracts and removes excess mucus.[5]Used in cystitis, prostatitis, strengthen connective tissues, organic silica in plant is useful for bones, nails, hair and treats arthritis, ulcer and eczema. It has calcium and organic silica which is used for strengthening bones, nails and hairs.[9] Locally tea and powder of this plant is used to cure kidney problems.
Part Used:
Whole plant.
Future Perspective:
Cultivation, Collection, Drying, Packing, Herbal Pharmacy, Allopathic Pharmacy, Cosmetic.