Achillea millefolium L.

Local Name:
Kangi Jari, Kala Chahu, Baranjasaf.
Habit and Habitat:
An erect, leafy perennial herb, with creeping rhizome up to 80-90cm tall, found in sub-tropical and temperate zones.
Taxonomic Features:
Stem grooved. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, much dissected, finely 2-3 pinnatisect, the lower leaves stalked while upper sessile. Inflorescence composed of many capitula, 4-6 mm across.Ray florets 4-6 with whitish or pale white lobes. Disc florets 10-20 with 2-3 mm long, 5-toothed corolla tube. Fruit a cypsela, oblong.
Flowering and Fruiting:
Harvesting Time:
Medicinal Value:
It has digestive, diuretic and wound healing properties, also reduces high blood pressure. Flowers treat eczema and allergy. Oil treats colds, flu and swollen joints.[5]Locally it is used in easing mucus congestion, flu and respiratory infection and as pain relief from toothache and rheumatism. Aqueous extract is used to cure kidney stone and urinary tract infection.
Part Used:
Whole plant.
Future Perspective:
Collection, Drying, Packing, Herbal Pharmacy.
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