Crude Botanical Drug Repository



  • It reflects correct identification of botanical drugs which are used in Allopathic,  Herbal and Homeopathic systems of medicines in pharmacopoeias of different countries.
  • An authenticated basic source  of  raw material for PARC and other  research institutions.
  •  Our Crude Botanical Drug Repository maintains small scale samples of MAPs  parts.
  •  Crude drugs include various plant parts, leaves, stem, root, seed, fruit, flower, stem bark, root bark, rhizome, tuber, corm,  bulb, gum/resin preserved  in  special containers according to shelf life  of each drug.
  •  Initially an accessible referral facility for students, researchers, visitors, herb sellers, pharmacists and chemists.
  •  A small library having literature on MAPs and a small herb garden,   are also  part of facilities for all  end users.












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