Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) part of state of Jammu Kashmir is situated towards East of Islamabad, is famous for its wealth of medicinal and aromatic plants. It is liberated in 1947 and named as Azad state of Jammu & Kashmir. This herbarium houses collection of medicinal and aromatic plants from Poonch Area of AJK. The Poonch Division comprises of  four administrative districts including Rawalakot,  Sudhanoti, Bagh, and Haveli. Poonch Area is bordered by high peaks, consists of plains, valleys, meadows with variable climatic conditions from sub-tropical to alpine zone. If you interested and want to study actual herbarium specimens, visit Government Boys Degree College Abbaspur, Campus, which is located in Abbaspur,   Poonch   AJK.


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(Zone Wise Distribution of Poonch Division)

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Sub-tropical zone: 700m-1000m high from sea level:

Foothills of   Abbaspur,  Hajira, Mandole, Tata Pani, Kahuta Havali,Bagh City,Pullandri City.

Temperate zone: 1800m-2200m: Mehmood Gali , Chiri Kot, Khai Gala,Banjosa, Tararkhal, Dhirkot, Sudhan Gali.

Sub-alpine zone: 2200m-3200m: Las Dhana, Haji Pir, Tolipir, Khurshidabad, Mori Said Ali,Aliabad,Ganga Choti.

Alpine zone: Above 3200m: Bedori I, Bedori II, Khurshidabad, Hillyan, Kalamula,Phala Game Reserve, Top.Haji Pir Top, Sankh,Pir Kanthi.








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